ANC 2A Cancels Special November 2019 Meeting and 2A05 Election

ANC 2A was recently informed that Jillian Wolons, one of the two candidates for the special election for single member district 2A05, was withdrawing from the race. Thus, the DC Board of Elections has declared that Evelyn Hudson, the only remaining candidate, has been named as the new commissioner for single member district 2A05 and the special election has been cancelled.

Due to the cancellation of the special election, ANC 2A has decided to cancel the ANC’s special November 2019 meeting, which was previously scheduled for next Wednesday, November 6th. The ANC’s next meeting will thus be the regular November meeting on Wednesday, November 20th at 7:00 pm in the main meeting room of the West End Library, 2301 L Street NW.

ANC 2A congratulates Evelyn Hudson on becoming the next commissioner for single member district 2A05. We look forward to working with her to get sworn-in in time for the ANC’s regular November meeting.