Regular Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 16, 2014; 7:00 p.m.

Heart House - 2400 N Street, N.W.

7:00 pm      Call to Order (Patrick Kennedy, Chair)

a. Introduction of commissioners

b. Adoption of the agenda


7:05 pm       Community Forum

a. Public safety report (5 min.)

b. New Hampshire Avenue Streetscape update (5 min.)

c. Report from the Office of Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans (5 min.)

d. Report from the Executive Office of the Mayor (5 min.)

e. Report from the Ward 2 Education Network (5 min.)

f. Commissioner announcements (5 min.)

g. Public comments (5 min.)


7:40 pm        General Agenda

a. Update from the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development's office on Stevens School disposition and temporary West End Fire Station (10 min.)

b. Presentation and discussion on G.W.U.P.D. off-campus policing proposal (30 min.)

c. Precinct 3/K Street accessibility issues (10 min.)


8:30 pm        Regulatory Agenda

a. Matters before the Zoning Commission

i. Application by G.W.U. to alter admission eligibility criteria for the Health and Wellness Center (2300 G Street) (10 min.)

b. Matters before the Board of Zoning Adjustment

i. Application by Hillel (BZA Case No. 18764) for variance and special exception relief for new construction (2300 H Street) (15 min.)

c. Matters before the Public Space Committee

i. Application by G.W.U. for a permit to erect a sign for the Elliott School of International Affairs (1957 E Street) (5 min.)

ii. Rehearing: Application by Hyatt Place (2121 M Street) (10 min.)

d. Matters before the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

i. Petition by Shadowroom (ABRA-075871) to terminate its existing Settlement Agreement (2131 K Street) (15 min.)

ii. Request by Shadowroom (ABRA-075871) for an extension of allowable operating hours under an existing settlement agreement to 3 a.m. from Friday, May 23rd to Sunday, May 25th (2131 K Street) (5 min.)

e. Matters before the District Department of Transportation


i. Consideration of a resolution of support for a Dupont Circle - National Mall


                         - Southwest Waterfront Circulator route proposal (5 min.)

       f. Matters before the Department of Parks and Recreation

                          i. Request for a letter of support for the Jewish Community Center Park Concert (5 min.)

        g. Matters before the Mayor's Special Events Task Force

                           i. Request for a letter of support for the "Army Ten-Miler" on Sunday, October 12th (5 min.)


9:45 pm      Short Reports on Old Business (Time Permitting)

a. Zoning Regulations Review

b. Garrison Elementary School modernization

c. National Mall parking meters/Circulator expansion (2A01)

d. West End Library (2A02)

e. M Street cycletrack installation (2A02, 2A06)

f. Campono ABRA application (2A04)

g. O.S.S. N.H.R.P. listing (2A04)

h. GW/Hillel project (2A05)

i. 23rd Street ADA improvements (2A05)

j. Temporary fire station (2A06)

k. MedStar Certificate of Need application (2A06)

l. Shadow Room protest (2A06)

m. 2100 K Street P.U.D. application (2A06)

n. Café Deluxe ABRA application (2A06)

o. Stevens School disposition (2A06)

p. Hilton Garden Inn BZA appeal (2A06)

q. Square 75 alley reconfiguration (2A07)

r. Fracking in George Washington National Forest (2A07)

s. District Commons public space application (2A07)

t. Allen Lee renovations (2A07)

u. FRESHFARM market permits (2A07)

v. School of Public Health minor P.U.D. modification (2A07)

w. Fossil Fuel Divestment Act (2A08)


9:50 pm          Administrative Items 

a. Approval of the Commission's 2014 annual budget

b. Approval of the April 2014 special meeting minutes


10:00 pm       Adjournment